Wednesday, 2 July 2014

sadna's bio data

Name                                                   Sadna  Sankar   

Pet Name                                             sady, sads, sadu                                

Date of Birth                                       13, September

Place of birth                                       Mumbai

Father’s name                                      R.Sankar

Schooling                                             In Mumbai

Qualification                                       Diploma in Mass Communication,
                                                            Diploma in E commerce                                                       
                                                            Photography from mindscreens ,doing P.G in Criminology &                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Forensic Science
Religion                                              Hindu

Marital status                                       Single

Height                                                5 feet & 7 inches

Weight                                               55 kg

Color of eye                                      honey brown                                                                     

Complexion                                      Very fair

Hair color & length                          Black color and long

Star sine                                            Virgo 

Belief                                                only on God

E mail                                   &


Reading non fiction meaning full patriotic philosophical crime related books
Watching selective TV programs and indulging in to animal welfare activities   
Also listening to melodies musicals occasionally, shopping and visiting various countries

Known dances                                Learnt classical dance from five years
                                                        Later professionally learnt kathak folk and  
                                                        Western dances and vocal. editing 

Known languages                           English, Hindi, French, Tamil

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